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      When people meet me, they might think I am a bit crazy. It could be because I smile a lot and I am grateful to the Lord of the Universe for the daily challenges I am presented with, no matter what they are. I retired from MDPD and I'm the author of two political suspense novels (Missing Evidence and The Face of Deceit) and a children’s book (Herbert, the Christmas Worm). I am presently working on another book.
     For me, writing is an outlet from stress, emotional turmoil and everyday life. It all started with a nightmare I had several years ago; a nightmare that I finally turned into my first book. The problem was that when I finished writing Missing Evidence, I realized I was hooked and I simply could not  stop there. I had to bring some closure to subjects I left pending throughout the story.

     The things I am most passionate about are 'Love, Truth and Honor'. That's why I dedicated Missing Evidence to the men and women in uniform. The ones that defend our freedom at the cost of their own lives; and the magnanimity of their families. 


     I was born in Havana, Cuba. I arrived in Miami, Florida, on April 18, 1962. It was one year and one day, after the Invasion of Bay of Pigs, remember the October Missiles crisis? Yes, that year. The day of our departure, our mother waved good-bye to my younger sister, Hilda Maria (age 7) and me, (age 14), at the Rancho Boyeros Airport in Havana, Cuba. 
     Our father had not been strong enough to see us off. Heartfelt sorrow filled my mother's heart as she was strong enough to take the picture of her daughters getting in the airplane that would take us from our hometown, to a strange city and country; Miami, Florida, USA. 
     However, this good-bye was better than to have her daughters' subjected to the communist regime of the island. My sister and I lived in the Florida City camp for months, under the auspice of Organization Pedro Pan Group, Inc. Several months later, Cuqui--my sister's nickname--and I, were able to reunite with our parents in Miami, continuing there-off to New York City, where we took residence. 
     I graduated from Humboldt Junior High School 115. Then I continued to George Washington High School in Manhattan, in the part of town known as Washington Heights. After school, I ventured into dancing and music. 
     I reside in South Florida near my son Luis Alejandro (my proudest achievement) my daughter-in-law and grand children. With many things taking a toll in my life, including a divorce and specially my mother's death, poring into my books became my link to sanity. 
     To me, writing is the most inner expression of your thoughts, wants and desires. I hope you enjoy reading my books and would love to hear from you. You can post your comments in my 'Guess Book'.



     To write Missing Evidence, I had to research the properties of gems, (especially sapphires and diamonds) to be able to concoct one part of the drama. On the other hand, I had to go into the judicial and guvernamental systems to be able to write about the law enforcement agencies, the armed forces, and Viet-Nam. No matter how much good you try to achieve, there is always its malicious counterpart, lurking at every corner; making the job that much harder.

     Missing Evidence is not only about a triple homicide, but about a nightmare and what brought Carlotta Santi to the edge of madness. Unable to prove her innocence without the missing evidence, and powerless to escape those daunting steel-piercing grey eyes, Carlotta sets out on her search. Little did she know that while in the process of her quest, the ex-police officer will come face to face with those eyes again, and corruption on a level as she had never encountered before.
                                                        THE FACE OF DECEIT

     The Face of Deceit is the sequel to Missing Evidence. I  dug deep into the 'Old Silk Route'; not only because of the route itself and what it represents in reference to the wars (past and present), but because of the treasure that plays such a crucial part in the story. I read a lot about the procedure followed by our government, and what the families of our love ones have to endure to bring back our soldiers (dead or alive).

     Because of the two rescue missions in the story, I had to be able to rightfully write about how to conduct a full military funeral with its entire honor and glory, up to the flag's last fold and presentation. Last, but certainly not least, a beautiful wedding with 'The Arch of Swords' and full military reception. 

     The Face of Deceit is not only about rescue, closure and family and friend's acceptance; but how love can transform a person when you think there is no hope. It is also about how that especial love and connection can transcend a lifetime of heartache, distance, sickness and sometimes, even death. It is about the meaning of 'Tu Alma y La Mia por Toda la Eternidad' (Your Soul and My Soul for all Eternity) 
                                            HERBERT, THE CHRISTMAS WORM

     Then there is Herbert, the Christmas Worm, which was a short story my brother-in-law used to tell the kids (well...truth be told, we all enjoyed it) after dinner, during Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). My sister always wanted me to make it into a book and do the drawings. One day, I was going through some old video tapes to transfer into DVD and guess who appeared! I found the tape from the last time the story was told before my sister became ill. Therefore, after much consideration I decided to grant her wish and create Herbert , even though she is no longer with us.
 Note to the reader
Do not let affliction overcloud the good memories of those you love.  Remember that LOVE is the most powerful of all emotions. Anything can happen when you love strongly.  Use it wisely.

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